"Jacqueline Schwab is one of the most immediately recognizable pianists in America, although very few people actually know who she is." – Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

"Jacqueline Schwab brings more feeling and intensity to music than anyone I know. Her playing is insistent, physical, heartfelt and ... unusually moving."
– Ken Burns

Solo Concerts:

"... an uncanny sensitivity to the moods and proprieties of music from other eras ..." – New England Folk Almanac

"Pianist Jacqueline Schwab, whose quiet understatement and dramatic control brought real pathos to solos and accompaniments alike, lent even The Battle Cry of Freedom a subtext of provocative reflection." – Chautauquan Daily

"... full of colors and introspection which drew the listener into a musical reverie from which it was hard to return ..." – Lexington Minuteman

"...I wanted to tell you what a wonderful concert it was ... last month. I loved it, and everyone else seemed to , too. I am still hearing about it from delighted audience members. And those who bought discs are talking about those, too. Thanks for your infectious delight in the music you do, for your accessibility to the audience, for the joyful smile that finished your sentences. It was a grand evening!." – Suzanne McAllister, Cloister Garden Concert Series, Winchester, MA

"Thank you again for coming to the 'Little Brown Church'. You made that piano sing." – Audience member, Little Brown Church, Round Pond, ME


"... brilliant pianist ... gorgeously spare piano ..." – The Boston Globe re: The Civil War

"... singular in its folksy elegance ..." – The Philadelphia Enquirer re: Schwab/Glaser duet, Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Civil War


"... a trememdous colorist; when she plays the piano it sounds as if she has an orchestra at her fingertips ..." – Sing Out! re: Mad Robin

"... the jazz/classical improvisational spirit of Keith Jarrett and the touch of George Winston ..." – New England Folk Almanac re: Mad Robin

"Schwab's playing style is much like that of the Impressionist painters of the 19th century ... The patterns of colors she can produce by her crisp, clear, almost staccato style blur into a warm and fuzzy image unlike much else heard before or since on the piano." – Folk-tales.com web review re: Mad Robin

"... beautifully performed ..." – Washington Post re: Celtic Dialogue

"... trademark cinematic sweep and intimate emotionalism ..." – Scott Alarik, Here and Now (WBUR) re: Celtic Dialogue

"... gorgeous CD ..." – Boston Globe re: Down Came an Angel

"... One of the most beautiful and heartfelt Christmas discs to come along in a very long time." – All Music Guide web review re: Down Came an Angel

"... bound to be one of this holiday season's most attractive and eminently listenable discs ... an excellent Christmas disc that will play well anytime." – Classics Today.com web review re: Down Came an Angel

"CD of the Month, Dec. 1999 ... her knowledge of traditional music infuses these chestnuts with simple charm, and no hint of cliche. She still has a twinkle in her eye, though; harmonies and jazzy chord progressions hold interest. Rhythms, inflections, and accents change with each phrase; from lilting to swinging to downright saucy ... deeply moving." - www.wetpaint.org

"The restrained and powerful emotion in Schwab's playing illuminates the familiar melodies of these tunes, and shows that, in Schwab's hands, at least, the piano can take its place as a folk instrument." – Dirty Linen magazine re: Mark Twain's America

"...an eloquent portrait of the times through which the writer traveled ... (Twain) would have loved this record." – Scott Alarik, Boston Globe re: Mark Twain's America

"... the best CD I've heard in a long time ... (I) have it going non-stop on the stereo ..." – Chicago Tribune re: Mark Twain's America

"... It is magical ..." – The Acoustic Garden Online Acoustic Magazine re: Mark Twain's America

New Rigged Ship

Re: "New Rigged Ship" (Reinmar Seidler, cello; Jacqueline Schwab, piano): "...Their sound exists where art music and tradition intermingle; their treatments of Scottish fiddle tunes are both elegant and complex, emotionally raw-boned and rippling with compositional intelligence." Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

" I loved it all, and so did everyone else I talked with. The melodies were heart-felt and poignant--the rhythms were full of life and joy--you covered the full range of emotions in a single evening. Thanks for a perfectly lovely night."
Suzanne McAllister, Cloister Garden Concert series, Winchester, MA


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