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Solo Concerts: Jacqueline makes an audience of strangers feel like old friends. She merges the atmosphere of an old-fashioned intimate evening in the parlor with a modern evening in a folk club. She shares both meditative and lively pieces, well-known and lesser-known ones. Her informal remarks paint a picture of the era and make the music accessible.

Mark Twain's America presents Jacqueline's arrangements of parlor and traditional music from Twain's era, including Stephen Foster and Civil War songs, vintage dances, hymns and spirituals, and ragtime. It can also stretch to Colonial era tunes, tango and Billie Holiday bluesy ballads.

Down Came an Angel, a pianissimo, reflective take on the holiday season, features vintage American carols, Appalachian carols and South Carolina sea island spirituals. It can also include Hanukkah music.

Jacqueline also performs flights of fancy on Jane Austen era and other English dance tunes, Scottish traditional music and pieces from her PBS soundtracks. She also performs with Scottish fiddler Laura Risk, Bare Necessities and other singers and instrumentalists.

New England presenters may apply for grants from New England Foundation for the Arts for half of Jacqueline's fee. See and then see "Mass Touring Roster," then "music," then "recital" for Jacqueline's listing.

Fundraisers, Organizational Meetings, Weddings: Jacqueline can set a festive or reflective mood with English, Scottish and Irish traditional music, vintage American, ragtime, Latin waltzes and tangos, light classical, 30's and 40's standards and Broadway tunes. Past events include Fortune 500's Forum, MIT's Sloan School and the Victorian Society of Boston.

Traditional Dance: Jacqueline accompanies English or Scottish country, tango, vintage and contra dancing as a solo or ensemble musician. She leads English country dance workshops (including Jane Austen era) for beginners and experienced dancers and community dancing for weddings and other festive occasions.

Jacqueline is also available to play for worship services and to present concerts and lectures as part of residencies.